Going Above and Beyond for You!

Home grown and continuously locally operated, our company was founded in 1985. Through the years, we’ve helped nearly 50,000 patients recover from illness and injury, surgery and stroke. Today, we are a Medicare Certified Preferred Provider partner of two major regional health systems, backed by a leading regional health care company.

Home health care, by definition, is personal. We come into your home during a very stressful time to help a patient recover. We often spend time with family members, working with them to coordinate care and educating them about how they can best be caregivers (and to remember to care for themselves.)

What makes us different? We meld a highly personal approach with hi-tech methods. Our goal is to bring every possible advantage we can thru your door to help you heal, so that you can achieve the best recovery and the highest attainable independence possible.

In Maryland we’re Peninsula Home Care and in Delaware we’re Peninsula Home Care at Nanticoke, but no matter where you are, we’re here for you.

What Our Employees Say…

What’s your favorite part of working in home care?

“I came to the shore to retire but didn’t like it and felt like I needed to work again.  I am glad I found Peninsula Home Care at Nanticoke because I enjoy being part of our work family.  We are all there for each other, whether someone needs a shoulder to lean on or a splash of sunshine to brighten their day.” – Mary HarrisonAdministrative Specialist

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Serving Sussex County & Lower Kent Counties in Delaware and Wicomico, Worcester & Somerset Counties in Maryland

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