Are You a Caregiver?

Peninsula Home Care - Caregiver - Maryland MOLST InformationA caregiver is anyone who provides assistance to those in need of care. Is this you?

Whether physical, psychological or emotional, caregiving can be exhausting. You may feel overwhelmed in a seemingly unmanageable situation. This section can help you feel more in control and connect you with information that may help.

First and foremost, obtaining even a basic level of professional home health care services can often tip the scales from an unmanageable back to a manageable load. Professional home health care brings support, treatment and information that caregivers need to successfully manage a patient’s healthcare needs.

Working with the doctor treating your spouse, parent or child (or any other person dependent on you for care), find out if home health care is medically indicated. This might include skilled nursing care, home health aide services, physical therapy or other services.

Then, protect yourself:

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