Peninsula Home Care Becomes First Home Care Agency to Use Negative Pressure for Positive Outcomes in Healing Wounds

Published on - March 14, 2018

53% of Smart Negative Pressure (SNaP™) Wound Care patients report wound closure in 30 days compared to 24% traditional VAC therapy patients

SALISBURY, MD – Wounds come from accidents and injuries but even clean surgical incisions are considered wounds. The challenge comes when the patient transitions from hospital to home and is left to change bandages and clean the wound unless the patient is prescribed home care upon discharge.

In addition to wet to dry wraps, E-STIM, infused dressings and Unna Boots, Peninsula Home Care has become the first home care agency to offer negative pressure wound care to patients in their home to enhance and promote wound healing in acute and chronic wounds.

“SNaP™, the Smart Negative Pressure Wound Care System is an ultraportable device that is compact, light-weight, silent and easy to use,” said Nancy Bagwell, Peninsula Home Care Area Director of Operations. “It provides greater outcomes because it doesn’t disrupt the wound bed because vacuum dressings don’t need to be changed as often as traditional methods.”

Negative Pressure for Positive Healing

The Smart Negative Pressure (SNaP™) Wound Care System involves using a sealed wound dressing attached to a pump to create a negative pressure environment in the wound. Applying continued vacuum dressings help to increase blood flow to the area and draw out excess fluid from the wound. Depending on the wound type or location, the vacuum can either be applied continuously or intermittently. Negative pressure wound therapy can be used for a few days to several months at a time.

”The SNaP™ system is convenient for patients and clinicians,” said Valerie Wooten, Clinical Manager Care Coordination, Peninsula Home Care. “It’s much more accessible to our staff as an off-the-shelf device and can be applied in less than ten minutes. This system actually reduces the overall cost and requires less interruptions in daily living versus traditional dressings.”

“In addition to monitoring and treating wounds, our staff provides education to help caregivers learn about proper wound care management so patients can comfortably recover at home and regain their independence,” added Bagwell.

Smart Negative Pressure (SNaP™) Wound Care System

  • Ultraportable device does not require the use of an electrically powered pump
  • Light weight design can be hidden under clothes
  • No batteries to interfere with daily living
  • Negative pressure allows for greater sealing of the wound to generate tissue
  • Provides more rapid recovery
  • Covered under Medicare Part B and by most private insurances

Treated Wound Types

  • Chronic
  • Acute
  • Traumatic
  • Sub-Acute
  • Wound Dehiscence
  • Partial-thickness Burns
  • Diabetic Ulcers
  • Venous Skin Ulcers
  • Pressure Sores
  • Skin Flaps & Graphs

About Peninsula Home Care

Providing skilled nursing, physical, occupational and speech therapy for more than 30 years, Peninsula Home Care ensures that all patients are involved in their plan of care and strives to give them every opportunity to maintain their independence in the home. The agency has served more than 50,000 patients in Wicomico, Worcester and Somerset counties in Maryland and Sussex and Kent counties in Delaware. In 2017, PHC and PHCN were designated as Preferred Home Care Provider by Peninsula Regional Medical Center and Nanticoke Health Services.


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