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“Cancer” can be one of the scariest words in any language.  Our role is to help you recover by bringing skilled nursing, therapies such as lymphedema, and in some cases even chemotherapy right to your door.

Lymphedema Treatment

Lymphedema is the accumulation of fluid that causes swelling (“edema”) in your arms and legs. Normally, fluid runs through the lymph nodes which filter out bacteria, viruses and other foreign substances which are them destroyed by white blood cells (lymphocytes.) One of the major causes of lymphedema is the removal of lymph nodes during cancer treatment. Radiation and some medications, such as Tamoxifen, can also cause the condition.

Treatment for lymphedema can include the wearing of compression wraps and garments, a proper diet and skincare, and draining the fluid. One of the simplest yet most effective treatments is wrapping. The wrap exerts gentle pressure on the limb, allowing it to push fluid back into the body so it can be expelled.

Additional Lymphedema Information:

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