Medicare Services Not Covered

In order for you (or a loved one) to be certified with a qualified Medicare claim, four requirements must be met:

  1. Your doctor has prescribed Home Health Care.
  2. You are confined to your home with a condition that creates a “normal inability” to leave home, and/or, makes leaving home a “considerable and taxable effort”.
  3. You need intermittent/part time skilled nursing care, physical therapy or speech language pathology services care
    (as opposed to fulltime care).
  4. Your Home Health Care Agency is Medicare Certified (such as Peninsula Home Care).

For clarification about qualifications, or assistance in determining if you may be eligible, please call:

Our normal office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Peninsula Home Care, Maryland: 410-543-7550 / 866-548-9091

Peninsula Home Care at Nanticoke, Delaware: 302-629-4914 / 866-990-6456

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