Physical Therapy

Peninsula Home Care - Services - Physical TherapyWalking, going up a flight of stairs or getting in and out of bed. Pretty simple stuff – right? Not when you are recovering from an illness, injury or surgery. Peninsula Home Care physical therapists can help. Our therapists help patients restore balance, range of motion, strength and endurance. They also assess each home to determine medical equipment needs and how to manipulate the layout to reduce a patient’s risk for falling. Leaders in home health care, Peninsula Home Care physical therapists (PT) are the first home care PT’s in Maryland and Delaware to become certified in Wound Care E-STIM, a treatment medically proven to help wounds heal up to 40% faster than traditional wound care methods. They are also bringing a new level of independence to stroke patients with Saebo neurological orthotic devices, designed to “re-program” the brain following a stroke or injury.

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Serving Sussex County & Lower Kent Counties in Delaware and Wicomico, Worcester & Somerset Counties in Maryland

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