Some of what our Patients say...

“The women from Peninsula Home Care who came to visit me were personable and professional.  They know their job and do it very well.  They also helped my caregiver learn what he could do to help me recover. They were wonderful.”

Rebecca Phyllides

“After my surgery, Peninsula Home Care provided a nurse and physical therapist for my recovery at home. Everyone was wonderful, kind and extremely polite and friendly. I would recommend their services to everyone.”

Denise Davis

“Four of the finest well-trained to work “with” people. Most cooperative and helpful women I could’ve asked for.”

David Vucinich

“They were always on time and very helpful.”

James Berry

“I beat cancer twice but when I thought it was back I fell apart.  I cried and leaned on Stacey, my Peninsula Home Care nurse, for support.  She listened to me and believed in me.”

Janet McCann

“PHC has always been whom I choose after any surgery. I feel comfortable-and depend on them for what I need. Kind, courteous-respectful!!! Thank You!!!”

Kathleen Boyce

“Valerie’s calm demeanor and competence greatly helped reduce our anxiety about caring for my wound. She spent the time and effort required on each of her visits to make sure the dressing created a vacuum seal. Even after my surgeon expressed skepticism about being able to achieve the vacuum on a regular basis, Valeria proved him wrong and my healing time was greatly reduced.” 

Gregory Glass

“Janice Evans (nurse) has been very professional in every way. It has been a lifeline for us for the past two months. We value her greatly and are glad she was assigned to us for my care.”

Frank Bell

“I am very happy with Lanilyn and have gotten just what I was looking for from my therapist. I am even going to ask my doctor to increase my visits with her for additional care.”


“I received excellent care and would always recommend Peninsula Home Care.”

Wayne Hornbeck

“I am currently under the care of Peninsula Home Care. My home care nurse Christine & physical therapist Rod have been caring for me since a hip revision surgery in April. My husband and I would not know what to do without then both. Their professional care and knowledge as well as their genuine compassion has been our saving grace during this difficult time. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

“I was very happy with the care Kim provided for my mother. She is very knowledgeable, sweet and calming. She knew just the right things to say to keep my mom calm.”

Family Member of PHC Patient

“They helped me walk again. My strength was gone– but I have it back. The nurses and therapists were very good.”

Estella Marie Joseph

“Our PHC nurse was caring and supportive in our time of stress. We were so blessed she was there for us.”

Frank and Val Guetens

“At first, I was anxious about having home health care. But I ended up loving my caregivers. They were kind, gentle and thoughtful. I just fell in love with my physical therapist. She was so encouraging and patient. I highly recommend her. I only wish she lived closer-I’d love to have her as a neighbor.”

Marjorie Schaefer

“The physical therapist and nurse from Peninsula Home Care that worked with me were a true blessing. They were so good to me. I can’t say enough about them. I just love them both!”

Ramona Barton

“Denise educated me about my condition and how to handle and manage my illness. Hats off to Denise and Peninsula Home Care. She is a Class A nurse and if I were to ever need another nurse I would be asking for Denise.”

Debbie Henry

“” have very dry skin and have a hard time putting lotion on my legs. When my physical therapist Irene found out I was struggling with this she offered to put lotion on my legs every time she came to see me. I have a lot of respect for her. She was so good to me.”

Janet McCann

“Great Care. Wonderful people.”

Virginia Blackwell

“When my husband had her as a nurse you couldn’t have asked for anyone as amazing as Mrs. Gina. She is definitely compassionate to her patients. And she is an awesome teacher when you have to take care of your spouse I was very nervous but she made me comfortable to where I could do it. Thank you for everything!”

“When we first met, I was very sick. Denise was a big comfort to me. I was happy knowing she was coming to check in on me because I had no one else checking on me.”

Debbie Henry

“My provider gave me excellent care. She was perfect in attitude and knowledge of her job and care (provided). I couldn’t ask for better care in the home. I was very pleased.”

Walter Sparrow

“Every nurse who came into my house was very professional, caring and gave me the best care. They were all very friendly and had a lot of patience as they tended to my wound. When I was concerned about something or had a mishap they were right there to help me through it. Your agency has some of the best nurses I have ever met. Thank you for all the wonderful care you gave me. “

Janice Chance

“I cannot express how happy we were with the home health care. Dad is 95 years old, rather frail and nearly deaf. The nurse and physical therapist were very warm and respectful with him. They took their time and made sure he understood. The team from Peninsula Home Health Care will always be in my gratitude.”

Russell Peterson

“I had (Peninsula Home Care) when I came home from the hospital. One of my nurses was Rae, and she was great.”


“The nurses that have come into our home to assist me are very professional but also kind and understanding! They are skilled and patient and very educated. It’s a joy to see such dedicated employees!!”

Crystal Heiser-Turner

“Denise was patient, professional, caring, gentle, concerned and compassionate. I looked forward to her visits and was very quickly aware of the fact that she knew what she was doing.”

Debbie Henry

“Our nurse was an angel sent from God above. She will always be a part of our family, and remain dear to our hearts.”

Pat and Bob Simerson

“My nurse Stacey treated me with kindness and understanding and listened to me. She answered my questions in terms that I could understand and encouraged and taught me how to care for myself. If I ever need an in-home nurse again I want Stacey.”

Janet McCann

Some of what our Peninsula Home Care Maryland Employees say...

Bill Coleman - Peninsula Home Care - Peninsula Home Care Nanticoke EmployeeBill Coleman
Physical Therapist

“I enjoy the people I work with because we all always put the patient first.  We are invested in our community and want to give the people we serve quality care to support their quality of life.  One day I will need it.”

Lisa Powell

“I love working for Peninsula Home Care because of the sense of family I have with the rest of the staff.  I like how I can be independent in the field and work one-on-one with my patients.”

Patrice Morris - Peninsula Home Care - Peninsula Home Care Nanticoke EmployeePatrice Morris
Administrative Supervisor

“I love what we do for our community and our patients.  I enjoy the family atmosphere here at PHC.”

Jaime Hillman - Peninsula Home Care - Peninsula Home Care Nanticoke EmployeeJamie Hillman

“I love my PHC family.  I enjoy working with my patients and building relationships with them and seeing them at their best.  I am here for them emotionally too, to hug and pray with them.”

Rod Filhart - Peninsula Home Care - Peninsula Home Care Nanticoke EmployeeRod Filart
Physical Therapist

“It is a great company that takes care of its employees.  We have supportive leaders that are flexible with our scheduled.”

Some of what our Peninsula Home Care at Nanticoke Employees say...

Blake Hare -  - Peninsula Home Care - Peninsula Home Care Nanticoke EmployeeBlake Hare

“We work together great as a team because everyone is very helpful and communicates well.  I like being able to see my patients get better and make progress with meeting their goals.  Like making it down a flight of steps that they never thought they would be able to do again.”

Patti Cecil - Peninsula Home Care - Peninsula Home Care Nanticoke EmployeePatti Cecil
Administrative Scheduler

“We watch out for each other and care about each other like family.”

Jenna Hare - Peninsula Home Care - Peninsula Home Care Nanticoke EmployeeJenna Hare
Community Account Manager Liaison

“I love working for Peninsula Home Care at Nanticoke because of the family atmosphere and because I get to go out into the community and help others with their wellness.”

Mary Harrison - Peninsula Home Care - Peninsula Home Care Nanticoke EmployeeMary Harrison
Administrative Specialist

“I came to the shore to retire but didn’t like it and felt like I needed to work again.  I am glad I found Peninsula Home Care at Nanticoke because I enjoy being part of our work family.  We are all there for each other, whether someone needs a shoulder to lean on or a splash of sunshine to brighten their day.”

Kayla Thompson - Peninsula Home Care - Peninsula Home Care Nanticoke EmployeeKayla Thompson
Case Manager, RN

 “It’s such a good team and everyone is so supportive.  We have the opportunity to help people heal in the comfort of their homes and it makes a big difference.”

Tisha Donovan - Peninsula Home Care - Peninsula Home Care Nanticoke EmployeeTisha Donovan
Hospital Liaison

“We don’t just get to know our patients, we build relationships with them in order to help them get well.  Many people may not even realize all of the benefits that come with home health care.  I make it a point to reassure them about the process so they know what to expect and how working together we can help them gain back their independence.”

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