Certified Nursing Assistant / Home Health Aide

Peninsula Home Care - Services - Certified Nursing Assistant & Home Health AidePeninsula Home Care focuses on the skilled medical aspects of care and the home health care aide serves only as a supplement to this care. The Home Health Aide is under the supervision of the Nursing, Physical or Occupational Therapist and serves supplemental care such as taking blood pressures and assisting with provision of activities of daily living such as bathing and dressing. The Home Health Aide frequently works with the occupational therapist and caregivers in attaining the goals of maximizing the patient’s independence.

Regardless of reimbursement eligibility, Medicare will only pay for skilled care in the home for a limited period of time to treat an illness or injury. The HHAs can provide a pre-authorized amount of personal care while under professional supervision however must discontinue care when skilled care needs are no longer justified. Hiring a non-medical home care agency directly or a privately hiring a caregiver is another option when continued care through a home health agency is not feasible.

Serving Sussex County & Lower Kent Counties in Delaware and Wicomico, Worcester & Somerset Counties in Maryland

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