Peninsula Home Care - Services - OTAGOThe Otago Exercise Program: A New Service Provided by Peninsula  Home Care

When we fall down, we get back up again.  This isn’t so easy for older adults.  One bad fall can cause serious health implications for seniors.  That’s why it is important to work on improving strength and balance to reduce the risk of falls.  That’s what the Otago Exercise Program does for individuals working one-on-one with certified physical therapists and eventually independently.  

The program is broken down into different stages over a one year period. 

  • Initial evaluation and exercise prescription is done by a physical therapist
  • Followed by eight weeks of visits from an Otago trained physical therapist
  • Patients are discharged to a self-management program
  • Patients will receive phone calls and optional visits from physical therapists at six, nine and twelve months
  • A walking program is assigned for up to 30 minutes, three times a week

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