Case Study - Wendell Koyanagi

Wendell Koyanagi

Wendell Works His Way Back

When the sun is shining, you will likely find Wendell Koyanagi at the end of his dock, fishing pole in hand. “This is what I do. I fish and I crab. I love it.”

Wendell deserves to do what he loves. He’s been through a lot this year. “January 7, 2017 – that was the day I had my heart attack,” he shared. “I knew my life was going to change.”

To help his recovery, Wendell began exercising. One day he was jogging when “all of a sudden it felt like someone hit the back of my leg with a baseball bat. I literally turned around to see if there was someone behind me. Nobody was there. Just a sharp shooting pain. I thought I tore my Achilles tendon.”

Wendell had ruptured a muscle in his leg. Because of the blood thinner he was taking from his heart attack, the pulled muscle turned into compartment syndrome, which occurs when excessive pressure builds up inside an enclosed muscle space when there is bleeding or swelling after an injury. When the pressure obstructed blood flow to and from the affected tissues, Wendell found himself back at the hospital fora fasciotomy, a surgical procedure to cut the fascia in order to relieve the pressure.

“After, I could hardly lift my foot. My calf was so swollen it was very hard to move around, even with the use of a walker,” said Wendell. “It was my right leg, so I certainly couldn’t drive.”

After discharge, care continued at home.

“I was so fortunate that Peninsula Home Care (PHC) sent Jamie for my evaluation. She was thorough and took great care of my wound. Physical therapist Mayank came two or three times a week and was very helpful with his knowledge and caring personality. I was in very good hands.”

Wendell worked with Mayank on different exercises, gaining strength and mobility until he was able to walk on his own. “I can’t thank them enough. Everyone was caring and easy to work with and because of their services, my wife was able to continue to work, rather than take time off to transport me back and forth to appointments. I would call on Peninsula Home Care again for any home care needs.”


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