Peninsula Home Care Salutes Occupational Therapists for Improving Health Care Across the Nation

Published on - April 8, 2016

“Outstanding OT of the Year” Honored in 2 PHC Branch Offices

SALISBURY, MD – Getting dressed for the day, making a cup of coffee and texting a friend – pretty simple tasks that don’t require much effort or concentration. That is until an illness, surgery or disability gets in the way. This is when Occupational Therapy becomes the solution.

“Occupational therapists focus on “doing” whatever activities are meaningful to the individual,” said Nancy Bagwell, Peninsula Home Care Area Director of Operations. “The purpose of OT is to help people get beyond problems to the solutions that assure healthy, more independent living. These solutions may be adaptations for how to do a task; changes to the surroundings or helping individuals alter their own behaviors.”

This month, in recognition of Occupational Therapy (OT) month, Peninsula Home Care (PHC), a leading, award winning home health care company, is focused on helping patients get back to their active lives through Occupational Therapy. With the term occupation in the title, people easily confuse what occupational therapy means. Think of it this way – One’s occupation can be defined as the way in which we occupy our time. It can be divided into three categories of activities in which we take part daily:

  • Self-care – sleeping, eating, grooming, dressing and toileting
  • Work – effort that is exerted to do or make something or perform a task
  • Leisure – free, unoccupied time in which one chooses to do something they enjoy (hobby, TV, socializing, sports, reading, writing, listening to music, travel, etc.)

Excellence at work in Seaford and Ocean Pines – “OT of the Year”

Peninsula Home Care is recognizing two occupational therapists as “Outstanding OT of the Year” for their work and dedication to the patients they serve. 

Helen Serrano – Seaford Branch

Helen Serrano - Seaford Branch OTHelen joined the PHC team as an occupational therapist in January of 2015. She brings 17 years of experience to the job after working for eight years as an internship coordinator, clinician and college instructor and another eight years as a senior occupational therapist in London, England.

Helen earned her bachelor of science in occupational therapy and doctor of dental medicine and was awarded “Best Occupational Therapist” as an intern. She enjoys working with patients in their home environment and finds it very fulfilling to see patients achieve goals and complete everyday tasks in their own homes.

“I enjoy working for Peninsula Home Care because of the team of people I am a part of. I get the support I need to do my job and have the flexibility to manage my time to focus on each patient individually and give them the best care possible.”

Nicole Bergstrom – Ocean Pines Branch

Nicole Bergstrom - Ocean Pines Branch OTNicole has been an occupational therapist (OT) for 16 years and has been with Peninsula Home Care (PHC) since the spring of 2014. She assists patients in restoring their optimal level of independence working in their own environment, one-on-one.

Before coming to PHC, Nicole worked in a variety of medical settings such as; acute rehab, acute care hospital, long-term care, pediatrics/NICU, out-patient care and home health care.

Nicole graduated in 1999 with her Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy from Gannon University in Erie, Pennsylvania.

“I love being able to help people live life to the fullest. As an occupational therapist I get to teach people small functional things that helps them be more independent and enjoy life. I have a special interest in patients with vision impairments. Many times people with vision problems don’t think they can enjoy the things they used to and give away their independence.  I like helping them learn that with assistance, they can still participate in their favorite past times and enjoy a better quality of life.”

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