In-Home Chemotherapy Guidelines

  1. Create a special work area for handling chemotherapy agents.
  2. Wash areas that come in contact with the medicine using soap and water.
  3. Store medication in a sealed plastic container in a dry place.
  4. Pre-wash soiled linens before placing the linen in the regular wash.
  5. Wash reusable items, such as a bedpan or urinal, with soap and water with each use.
  6. Dispose of chemotherapy agents and items used to mix the medicine in a secure biohazard bin or bag labeled “hazardous waste.”
  7. Keep people and pets away from all chemotherapy.
  8. If chemotherapy touches the skin and irritation occurs, wash with soap and water, then dry. Call the doctor if the redness or irritation lasts longer than one hour.
  9. If the chemotherapy splashes into the eyes, flush them out immediately with water for 10 to 15 minutes and call the doctor.
  10. Call Peninsula Home Care for assistance in creating a safe environment for you and your loved ones.

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