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Hearts are a tough yet tender organ, and whether you are working to maintain a healthy one or mending a heart that has been ill, we have the information to keep you moving to a steady beat.

One of the scariest things about heart symptoms and conditions such as Chronic Heart Failure (CHF) is feeling as if you never know whether to call the doctor or go to the ER – will people think you’re overreacting?

Our Heart Failure Zones guide reminds you what steps you should take daily to stay in the “Green” or healthy zone; when to call your home care nurse or doctor (the “Yellow” zone) and when to head straight to the ER (in the “Red” zone.)

And, if you have or are developing hypertension – another word for high blood pressure – understanding how to best change your lifestyle can actually save your life. 

If you have CHF or other heart related chronic illness, or you have surgery, Peninsula Home Care is here to help you reach the best recovery possible. Call us if you have questions about qualifying for or planning your care.

Additional Cardiac Information:

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